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Skiathos is the most famous of the four islands. Cosmopolitan and full of life, Skiathos will enchant you with its sandy beaches and stunning beauty. Skiathos is the westernmost island of the Sporades. Skiathos has many natural beauties as it is covered by lush vegetation and its shores are adorned with beautiful beaches. Although the island is small in size, it attracts many visitors due to its natural beauty and modern facilities. The most famous beaches are.


The ideal place for a cosmopolitan swim, but also the right one for practicing a variety of water sports. The blue waters of the beach resemble exotic shores, while behind the pine trees hides a small ecological paradise, the lake of the same name.


Port during the summer months on the quite island of Tsougria. Ideal place for a quiet lunch and an excellent and peaceful evening anchorage.


Below the old town of Skiathos, at the northern end of the island, is a beautiful beach called Kastro. A beach with crystal clear waters that you should not miss to visit during your stay in Skiathos, always in combination with a visit to the old town of Kastro.


A cove that opens its arms to the north, where the eye does not meet that of southern Skiathos: the sand is no longer dry. Although it is a sandy beach, it does not look like the thick sandy beaches, it has a lot of pebbles, the waters of the beach gradually deepen, they are crystal clear and the imposing landscape is really wonderful. This very beautiful, relatively isolated and small sandy beach Mikri Aselinos is located about 16 kilometers northwest of the town of Skiathos, on the northwest coast of the island inside an open bay to the north. Here you have the option to come to swim away from the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan resorts of the south coast and feel the wild beauty of nature next to you, with its beautiful rock formations.


At the northeastern end of the island is Lalaria beach, one of the most beautiful in Greece, with steep all-white rocks, white pebbles the "lalaria" which cover the entire beach and the famous "Trypia Petra" at the edge of the beach. The wild beauty of the landscape and the really crystal clear sea will really enchant you. Definitely a bath there is a unique experience not to be missed.


This bay was called Krassa bay, but it got its name from the nudist beach that used to operate there. It is a beach with rich sand and pine trees that complete the beautiful landscape in a unique way, as well as clear sea. The beach has become a hangout for many young people, as it offers the opportunity to engage in all sports and has a beach bar, taverns and cafes for endless fun.

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